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Home Repairs & More For Your Wintergreen Home

Our Services

Repairs & Maintenance

Carpentry, chimney, electrical, handyman, painting, plumbing, power washing, pools, and more.

Additions & Remodels

Coming soon.

Outdoor services

Landscaping, lawn care, firewood, tree care, snow removal, debris removal.

cleaning services

One-time cleaning, scheduled cleaning, de-cluttering, window washing. More coming .


Pet grooming, pet sitting, photography. More coming.

food & delivery

Gourmet baked goods. More coming.

technology services

Coming soon.

property management

House check, annual service plans that include property checks, arrival and departure services, rental property management.

Background Checks

Favorite Place checks four credentials for each business.    Businesses that provide satisfactory evidence are designated with one or more of the green icons shown below.  Background checks are performed at the time of enrollment and will be reviewed bi-annually.   For those providers are not required to be licensed in Virginia, the Licensed Credential will be shown as NA or Not Applicable.          


In Virginia, most contractors and tradesmen are required to be licensed and checked  by the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.  


General and professional liability insurance protects against bodily injury and  property damage.

COVID-19 Compliant

The Commonwealth issues special health regulations that apply to businesses  conduct during COVID-19 period. 

Written Guarantee

We request a copy of any written service guarantee or warranty offered by the Service Pro to consumers.   

Frequently asked questions

Favorite Place is a multi-vendor, hyper-local online marketplace that provides services and facilitates commerce among the thousands of members in the Wintergreen community with local businesses and tradespeople. 

The Platform is designed to be easy to use, enhance transparency, expand residents access to a broad range of local services and connect local businesses to Nelson County’s largest community.   

Over time, Favorite Place will support services and products in eight different categories, ranging from home repairs to food delivery. 

Favorite Place is free to consumers.   Service Pros may pay transactional fees to conduct business on the Platform. 

Favorite Place will host businesses that offer services in eight categories:  home repairs & maintenance, renovations & additions, outdoor services, cleaning services, food & delivery services, family services, technology services and property management services.  Not all services are currently available but will develop over time as more providers participate. 

Yes, that’s one of the important benefits for users shopping on Favorite Place. 

During the application process, we ask businesses if they are licensed, insured, offer a written guarantee/warranty to customers, and follow the COVID-19 health and safety regulations.  We refer to each of these as a “Credential”. 

A business will be designated with a green Credential icon if confirmation is provided. 

As many of the Commonwealth’s licensure requirements include criminal background disclosures, Favorite Places does not independently conduct these types of background checks but may in the future.  

Yes.  Because of the nature of the service business,  we ask Service Pros to proactively confirm acceptance of your order/timing before it is a firm commitment.   The Service Pro will contact you directly by text message, email or phone call, typically within 24 hours.

In rare instances, the Service Pro may be unable to accept or respond to your order.  In these cases, you will be notified that your order was not accepted and will receive a full refund for any payments made.  Naturally, you are free to seek services from another provider. 

You are welcome to contact the Service Pro directly at any time using the “Ask A Question” Button, email or phone numbers provided.  

Favorite Place is a project of Friends of Wintergreen, a 501 c(3) non-profit with a mission to “protect and enhance the value, beauty, integrity, and sustainability of the Wintergreen area.”  Now that the Atlantic Coast Pipeline has been defeated,  Friends is now focused on three new initiatives that support this mission, including one to bring new value-added services, like Favorite Place, to the community.  

That typically means the business has not yet enrolled on the Favorite Place platform.  We are encouraging Wintergreen residents who can recommend a specific provider to either: 

• request they connect with us  (right click and copy link into an email) or

share their contact information and we’ll send a email invitation referencing your recommendation. 

Favorite Place connects local businesses to the thousands of  residents and owners in the Wintergreen,  Nelson County’s largest and most affluent community. 

Below are some of the  benefits Favorite Place provides to local businesses:

1. Gateway to the  Wintergreen community

2. Free online directory listing

3Free, custom-built, web store to showcase your business and products/services.

4. Free mobile phone app 

5. Secure, credit card payments

6. Easy to use (no IT knowledge needed)

7. Simplified customer communications

8. Full visibility of transactions through  your own business dashboard 

9. Efficient and cost effective way to acquire more Wintergreen customers. 

For further questions, please Contact Us

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